<span>The Cream to White Story</span>

The Cream to White Story

The Love begins, in the idyllic rolling hills and moorlands of the Scottish Borders

Cream to White was founded by Jayne Smith, her love for beautiful textiles started in her childhood, weaving little pieces of cloth from left over pieces of wool from her mother’s knitting basket, and making clothing for her dolls, friends, family, even her pets, in particular for the family Cocker Spaniel, Diver and goose, Peggy, who loved to show off every addition to their wardrobe. She embellished her creations with embroidery, buttons, cords and ribbons. In her teenage years, her passion for textiles and fashion took her to study textiles and fashion at Belfast Metropolitan College followed by Manchester Metropolitan University. Her degree education enabled her to not only be creative, but learn about the technical aspects of textiles, which were key to her achieving success as a designer.

After graduating, she worked as a designer for various companies in London and Dublin, before her expertise led to teaching Scotland’s “designers of the future” at the School of Textiles & Design (Heriot Watt University) as well as many universities and colleges across Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland, Turkey, Vietnam, Dubai and China. Jayne has also found time to write and publish a book, Garment Assembly for the Fashion Industry, for the publisher John Wiley & Sons.

On her doorstep, the Scottish Borders, home of author, Sir Walter Scott, in the idyllic rolling hills and moorlands close to the River Tweed, Jayne is surrounded with fabulous craftsmanship – weavers, knitters, finishers and embroiderers all creating top quality textiles for the global market.

She decided to practise what she had been delivering for Scotland’s budding designers and follow her dream to establish her own  environmentally-responsible luxury Scottish brand “Cream to White” drawing from the priceless local resources and combining with the magnificent heritage that the region is steeped in.

In our economic situation, investing in, and treating ourselves to special items that help rescue us from the stresses of the day is essential. Our collections from Cream to White will allow you to do just that by helping turn your bedroom into a sanctuary; somewhere you can escape and relax in comfort in our luxury bamboo bed linens and bathrobes, heavenly soft cosy bed socks and throws from mohair, alpaca, cashmere and lambswool, all complemented with matching cushions which will look great in either your bedroom or living room.

As we all know, protecting our environment is vital, here at Cream to White, we are using earth-friendly textiles that are biodegradable in soil by micro-organisms and sunlight. After having reached their useful life, our products will compost in an organic and environmentally friendly manner and not clog up landfill.  We are using natural fibres, bamboo, alpaca, mohair, lambswool and the fibre for royals – cashmere. Click on Cream to White Materials and read about their wonderful qualities and characteristics.

Even our packaging is environmentally responsible, but still extremely luxurious. Every product that you receive from Cream to White is gift wrapped in crisp white tissue paper secured with a ribbon and lovingly placed in a box made from 100% recycled paper sourced from sustainable forests.